The New Sensations Novelties Renegade range is designed for men that are searching for intense prostate stimulation. This ultra sensitive region can be difficult to locate and stimulate on your own without the proper tools and Renegade toys like the Vibrating Massager III are anatomically designed to ensure that every erogenous zone from perineum to prostate is effectively stimulated with wave after wave of powerful vibrations.

The signature U-shape that creates a stay put design that provides the ability to enjoy it hands free once inserted. The Vibrating Massager III allows for lots of other activity during wear, making it the perfect toy for masturbation, foreplay, and it can still be worn during sex to help you reach one of the most explosive orgasms of your life.

The powerful vibrations are battery driven and three LR44 cell batteries are included. They're felt from tip to tip as the silicone material is an excellent conductor of vibrations. it's also smooth and soft as well as completely seamless with no edges to catch on and gives the Vibrating Massager a flexible feel that creates an incredibly comfortable fit. It's also antibacterial, an important consideration for a toy that sits in your rear.

Renegade Vibrating Massager III

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