Perfect for anyone that wants to feel cushioned while they are restrained, Shots' Ouch! Pleasure Furry handcuffs combined shiny chrome with a sensually soft layer of faux fur. The super sturdy cuffs are the perfect weight and easily do up around the wrists with a simple sliding mechanism. To open the cuffs apply downward pressure to the catch located at the base then place the cuffs around the wrist of your playmate and push the ends together to close. These comfortable cuffs are extremely versatile and will put the beginners mind at ease with a quick-release lock mechanism, although two keys are also included for when you want to play with these cuffs more traditionally. A small chain connects them so you can easily lock their hands together with little wiggle room, especially if you attach these cuffs around a headboard to keep your lover in place. They are great cuffs to add to the collection of any BDSM enthusiast, and are also perfect for the beginner with their soft and comfortable feel and easy release mechanism. And while these black cuffs a great on their own they are even better when you combine them with some of the other Ouch restraint products.

Ouch! Beginner's Furry Handcuffs

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